Copyright Transfer Form
To The Publisher of the Proceedings of the European Conference on Intelligent Systems Iasi 2004


           The submission of a manuscript to The International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Technologies 2004 (hereinafter: "The Publisher") is conditioned and implies that the Authors assign copyrights to The Publisher. Only previously unpublished, original manuscripts can be submitted to the International Conference on Intelligent Systems Iasi. This form, appropriately completed and signed accordingly by all Authors must accompany any paper submitted to The Publisher. Please read with great care all notes below and keep a copy of this signed Copyright Transfer Form for your files. The Publisher assumes that the submitted papers are available for general dissemination to the appropriate audiences. It is the responsibility of The Authors to determine whether disclosure of their material requires the written consent of other parties and to obtain the necessary written agreements. The Publisher must assume that, if an author uses within his/her article previously published and/or copyrighted material, that permission has been obtained for such use and that any required credit lines, copyright notices etc. are duly noted. The Publisher distributes the Proceedings throughout the world by variousmeans, for instance hard copy and electronic media. It also abstracts andpossibly translate articles and whole issues, may include articles in volumes,etc. When an article is submitted for publication to The Publisher, The Publisher understands that its acceptance of the article implies that ThePublisher has the rights to do all of the things it normally does with such an article.

OBLIGATIONS of The Publisher:

           In exercising its rights under copyright, The Publisher will make all reasonable efforts to act in the interests of the authorsas well as in its own interest. In handling second party reprint/republication requests for a Paper of The Publisher, The Publisher requires that theconsent of all Authors be sought as a condition in granting republication(of a full paper) to others. If you are employed and you prepared yourpaper as a part of your job. When you sign the copyright transfer form, we assume you are authorized to do so by your employer and that your employer has consented to all the terms and conditions of this form. If not, it should be signed by someone so authorized.  


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