Recently published papers

1. AI in Medicine Journal HN Teodorescu, A. Kandel, L. Hall: Rerport on research activities in fuzzy and AI at CSEE USF (.pdf)

3. H-N L Teodorescu: Interrelationships, Communication, Semiotics, and Artificial Consciousness. In: Tadashi Kitamura (Ed.), WHAT SHOULD BE COMPUTED TO UNDERSTAND AND MODEL BRAIN FUNCTION? From Robotics, Soft Computing, Biology and Neuroscience to CognitivePhilosophy. Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute (FLSI) Soft Computing Series - Vol. 3. World Scientific, Feb 2001, ISBN 981-02-4518-1

4. H.N. Teodorescu, C. Bonciu: Chapter in volume:  Jain; Lakhmi, C. de Silva; Clarence W., Intelligent Adaptive Control: Industrial Applications. CRC Press (USA), 1998.