Invited plenary lectures

Jaime Gil Aluja ( University of Barcelona, Spain ): Fuzzy Logic in Economics

Ennio Cortellini ( University of Teramo, Italy ): About the Fermat-Lehman Algorithm

Mitica Craus (University of Iasi, Romania): Intelligent Information System distributed over a GRID Architecture

Ioan Dumitrache ( University of Bucharest, Romania )

Franco Eugeni (University of Teramo, Italy): Epistemological Aspects of Computer Science: the cooperative paradigm

Arita Seizaburo (Kansai Medical School, Japan): Medical application of probability matrixes of chaos to the time of blood sugar levels of patient with diabetes Mellitus

Adrian Stoica ( NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US ): Evolutionary Systems

Junzo Watada ( Japan ):DNA Computing and Its Approach to Solve Optimal Decision Problems

Other invited speakers (to be announced)

Brief presentation of the invited lecturers

Jaime Gil Aluja is professor at the University of Barcelona, Spain and at the University Dauphine, Paris VI, France. He is honorary foreign member of the Romanian Academy and he holds several honorary doctorates (doctor honoris causa) from universities around the world. He is President of the Royal Academia de Economia, Spain, Vice-President of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Catalonia, and a member of several other academies. Professor Gil Aluja has published more than 30 books. Professor Gil Aluja has participated in the early 1990s in several conferences organized by the Romanian Society for Fuzzy Systems and he is a honorary member of this Society. He has been awarded the international “Grigore C. Moisil” Prize for his pioneering contributions to the use of fuzzy logic in economics and Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Mérite de France, among others. ( a detailed CV here)

Ennio Cortellini is professor at the University of Teramo, Italy and at the University "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy. He is honorary professor of Technical University "Gh. Asachi", Iasi, Romania. He has published 11 books, 20 scientific works and has researches in the field of fuzzy logic, expert systems and in the field of theory computing complexity. Professor Cortellini was member of five Scientific Commitees of International Conferences. He is a recognized expert in the Risk Analysis.

Franco Eugeni is professor at the University of Teramo, where he is the director of the Department of Science and Communications. He teached to various Italian universities from 1963, now being a professor of informatics and philosophy. He is the author of cca 180 publications and papers in different domains, for exemple Discreet Mathematic and Crittografia, Epistemologia, Didactic History of the Mathematics and Informatics. Professor Eugeni is the editor of the journal Ratio Matematica. He was the president of the Society of Italian Mathematics "Mathesis", and now he is a honorary president of the Society. Professor Franco Eugeni is Honorary Professor of the University "Al.I.Cuza", Iasy.

Dr. Adrian Stoica is chief of a research group at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory , US. Dr. Stoica has published many papers in the field of fuzzy systems, neural networks, and evolvable hardware. He is a co-founder and chairman of a series of NASA conferences on evolvable hardware. Dr. Stoica has been a founding member of the Romanian Society for Fuzzy Systems and a former member of the Grigore C. Moisil Seminar. Dr. Stoica has never discontinued his relationship with the Seminar.


“Alecsandru Puiu Tacu” Prize

The members of the Seminar Grigore C. Moisil announce with great sorrow that the former Professor Alecsandru Puiu Tacu has passed away on January 1, 2005. A prize named in his honor will be awarded during Symposium, to gratify the reward internationally prominent contributions in fuzzy logic applied to economics – the field Professor Tacu helped to develop during his last 15 years of activity. An International Jury will decide on the awardee(s). Mrs. Tacu, the widow of Professor Alecsandru Puiu Tacu will be the honorary president of the Jury.



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