Paper Preparation

Submission of papers

Submission of a paper implies that it is not being considered for publication elsewhere, and it will not be submitted for publication elsewhere during the reviewing procedure or after acceptance for publication. The Authors unconditionally transfer the copyright to this Conference. Employer clearance to publishshould be final at the time of submittal. Once the manuscript is acceptedfor publication, the authors will be asked to transfer the copyright. Submissionof multi-authored manuscripts implies the consent of all participating authors. Each manuscript (for regular papers) should be sent in three copies for reviewers, plus one copy on diskette, or by e-mail, for the file.

Style of manuscripts

An abstract of about 100 words, and five to seven keywords must be included before the main text. The manuscript should be typed single-spaced, with 3 cm margins, on A4 format, minim 6, max 15 pages. The printing should be of good quality. Use Times or Times New Roman fonts, size 10. Papers should be written in English. Language should be perfect. Include a diskette (1.4M) that contains the manuscript, in MS-Word (IBM PC). On the label, the name of the corresponding author, the first 3 words of the title and the text processor version used should be indicated. Sending submissions by e-mail is strongly encouraged. However, a hard copy of the paper and of the copyright transfer form should be sent too. A signed Copyright Transfer Form must be accompanying any submission.

Figures and diagrams

Figures and diagrams should be included in the file on the diskette. Photographs are accepted only in special cases.

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