Last update: 26 septembre 2006  

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Aim and Scope

     ECIT 2006 aims to bring together scientists and practitioners from academic, governmental, and industrial institutions to discuss new developments and results in the field of intelligent systems and technologies.
     A special emphasis will be on the recent trends and on the interdisciplinary fields, like Artificial Life, Evolvable Systems, Cognitive Systems, Neuro-fuzzy Systems, Data Mining, Chaos Applications, and Hybrid Systems.
     The conference is composed of plenary presentations, several symposia, semi-plenary sessions, panel sessions, invited and contributed sessions, demonstration sessions, poster sessions, and other events.
     There will be parallel and interactive sessions. They include scientific and applied presentations in Fuzzy Technology, Neural Nets, Genetic Algorithms, Nonlinear Dynamics. Reflecting the scope of the Conference, a consortium of scientific and learned societies, and institutions participate in the organization of the Conference.
     The scientific interests of the organizers cover a large range of scientific domains. The Conference will be held in Iasi, Romania, the ancient capital of Moldavia and the oldest academic center in Romania.

Main Topics

1. AI
2. Synergetic
3. Artificial Life
4. Neural Networks
5. Fuzzy Logic
6. Natural Languages and Speach Processing
7. Image Processing
8. Intelligent Control
9. Distributed and Hierachical Computer Systems
10. Diagnosis
11. Man-Machine Interaction
12. Decision Support Systems
13. Production Planning and Scheduling Robotic Systems
14. Communications and Information Systems, Management, Socioeconomic
15. Environmental, Transportation, Systems, Virtual Worlds
16. Chaos and nonliniar dynamics applications
17. Intelligent Systems in bio-medical applications

Policies and Organization of ECIT Conference Series

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