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This section is a translation of a section presenting the Romanian hiatus from Toma Ion, Limba română, Ed. Niculescu, Bucureşti, 1994.

"A hiatus is the joining of two vowels belonging to separate syllables. It is rather difficult tolerated by the Romanian utterance and therefore it has been progressively substituted by either a diphthong or a simple vowel, surviving only in compound words and neologisms. The various vowel combinations in a hiatus are presented below:
I. Vowels of the same kind:
a-a: supraaglomerat, ultraatent
e-e: neelucidat, reevaluat, idee
i-i: ştiinţă, fiică, antiinflaţie
o-o: alcool, cooperare, zoologie
u-u: reziduuri
II. Different vowels:
Middle - front
a-i: înainte
a-e: aer
ă-i: trăind
î-i: bâjbîind
Middle - back
a-o: surpaorganizare
a-u: aur
ă-u: răul
î-u: pârâul
Front - middle
i-a: (a) speria
e-a: real
e-î: nnceput
Back - middle
o-a: coarticula
u-a: actual
Front - back
i-o: biologie
e-o: arheolog
i-u: triunghi
e-u: neutru
Front - front
i-e: sanie
e-i: neisprăvit

Back - front
o-i: voinţă
o-e: poet
u-i: (a) îngăgui
Back - back
o-u: biroul
u-o: respectuos
III. Chain hiatus
i-a-e: antiaerobic
i-e-u: arhieuforic
o-e-u: indoeuropean
o-a-u: coautor
e-o-a-u: neoautocrat
e-o-e-u: neoeugenie

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